Our Residents

Who lives at Chip's House?

The members of the Chips Family come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Take a look around to see pictures from some of the our events and learn more about our family. Each resident has access to email so feel free to send a message and say a quick "Hello". We would love to hear from you. It makes a world of difference!



Although Andy has had CP all his life, his parents never treated him as if he had a disability.  He always did everything his brothers did and more.  He is a graphic designer and artist who loves rock and roll music.  He is Aerosmith's number one fan and when not listening to music he can be found working on his computer and creating art.  He enjoys meeting new people and being friendly and helpful whenever possible.


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Craig is a 4th generation Cape Codder from Barnstable.  He loved to fish and hunt with his two sons and spend much of his time at his family camp on Sandy Neck Beach. He was a carpenter by trade until he had a brain aneurysm at age 39. Craig always has a joke and is loved by many.

Curtis W

"Be family oriented."

Curtis is a huge music fan.  Before residing at Chip’s House, he was a DJ and he still loves listening to tunes and attending concerts at the Melody Tent. Curtis likes too many things about Chip’s House to pick a favorite, but mentions specifically the food and the fact that the home atmosphere is very family oriented.  A family atmosphere is very important to Curtis.


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Dave B

"Keep on truckin"

Dave is an avid hockey fan who played hockey in college and in Europe.  His hope is for the Bruins to win another Stanley Cup.  He enjoys the Chip's House bowling trips.  If you ask Dave his advice for life, he will salute you and tell you to "Keep on truckin'!"

Diane “Dee”

"Laugh more..."

Dee feels that life goes better with laughter.  She enjoys her fellow residents and living in the beautiful environment of Chip's House.  Prior to residing here, she worked as a DJ and served in the U.S. Army.  If you ask her who has the most beautiful smile in America, she will smile and you will have the answer!


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Frank C

"Treat people the way you want to be treated."

Frank is a great guy who likes nothing better than to spend quality time with his mother and brothers.  He also enjoys joining with other residents for coffee and sporting events.  As any former hockey goalie would, he takes pride in sharing his love of the game with his younger brother.  He is known by his family and close friends as one who would give them his last dollar.

Jim S

"Have fun & enjoy music."

A former engineer, there’s nothing Jim likes better than working in his room on his computer.  He also enjoys his high tech stereo.  He finds the atmosphere of Chip’s House to be a nice family atmosphere.  When he's not working with technology, he loves watching tennis on television.

Joe M

"I wish for World Peace."

Before coming to Chip's House, Joe was a college student who enjoyed hockey and outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.  He is a huge New York Rangers fan. Joe likes nothing better than to go to a sporting event or concert with his brothers or other Chip's House residents.  He loves living in a place where his family can visit and hang out.

John B

"Hang with everyone + shoot the breeze."

John lived in Tucson, Arizona for 25 years before moving to Plymouth, Massachusetts.  About Chip's House, he says, "I love the interconnection with the people that live here and with the employees.  It is as if we are indeed one big family."  He enjoys spending time "shooting the breeze" with everyone in the house. He also enjoys going to the local Barnes & Noble and entering into a good discussion. He can often be heard sharing stories of his growing up years in great detail.  What he wants most is a world full of peace, love, and understanding.

John J K


John was a high school athlete and was especially good at wrestling and baseball. Before coming to Chip's House, John worked as a cook. He enjoys bowling and other group activities.  His advice for success is:  "Read"!  He, himself, is a regular reader of the Mary Immaculate of Lourdes Parish newsletter and stays connected with many Jesuit friends.

Mike D

"Be happy and enjoy life."

Mike was a high school athlete before coming to Chip's House.  He is social and outgoing and loves having a lot of people around and spending time with his family members. Michael does not mind sharing his mother, Ann, with the other residents.  Her love and enthusiasm are contagious.  He enjoys getting out and going to concerts.  Nothing would make Mike happier in this world than for everybody to be happy and to enjoy life.

Mike H

"Don't drink and drive."

Prior to coming Chip's House, Mike was a salesman. Mike loves all activities, especially going out for coffee and to the movies with other residents. His favorite things to do are listening to "oldies" on the radio and being outdoors with his family. Mike loves everybody at Chip's House, and what he'd like most in the world is for his sons to live closer to him. His message for viewers of this website: "Don't drink and drive."

Ryne B

"Laugh more!"

Ryne, who has a dry wit and a cutting edge sense of humor, says the best things about Chip's House are the people and the "vittles".  He loves music and comedies on television and can often be seen chuckling to himself.  His advice for anyone reading this website is to "laugh more".  Before coming to Chip's house, he worked in a factory, making motorcycle parts and, before that, for a cable company.

Stephen M


Steve is a former auto mechanic and auto body repairman.  He loves going on outings, especially to concerts.  When asked what he enjoys most about Chip’s House, his enthusiastic answer is, “The freedom!!!”  When asked what he would like most in the world, his answer is one of gratitude and serenity, “I have everything I need.  I don’t need anything.”   His wise advice to all visitors to this site:  “Slow down.”

Steve L

"Keep a smile on!"

Steve studied computers and accounting at Bentley College, where he was also the member of a fraternity. He is an avid crossword puzzle solver. He loves playing cards and really enjoys the fact that Chip’s House is located on Cape Cod.  He thinks the Chip’s House family is a peaceful one and wishes that everyone in the world could be “courteous to each other.”  His message to everyone reading this profile:  “Keep a smile on!”


"Get a grip."

Syndee has a great sense of humor.  She loves food and shopping. She also loves reading, especially chapter books. She thinks Chip's House food is great and that the staff and residents are "good people".  She loves listening to the oldies on her MP3 player.


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