About Us

Our Mission

Chip's House provides dignified, safe, affordable, and appropriate living conditions for its residents in its unique home atmosphere. Here, residents leave behind an institutional lifestyle and rejoin a world and community they care about and love.

The Cape Head Injured Persons' Housing and Education Group, Inc., also known as Chip's House, is a private non-profit, 501(c) (3) corporation founded by Cape Cod residents and incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The organization was established in 1992 to provide support and assistance for head injured residents of Cape Cod. CHIP is committed to providing community-based housing for individuals who are disabled because of severe closed-head injury or other disability.

The overall mission of CHIP is to provide long-term, community-based housing that is safe, dignified, and tasteful. As well as to provide support services to disabled individuals so they can maximize their functional potential and achieve their highest level of independence in the community.

Here each resident, realize the level of their ability, participate in decisions that affect their lives and enhance their quality of life to a degree not possible in an institutional setting. It is also part of the mission of CHIP to involve the community and its resources in the lives of its residents and to enable the residents to contribute to the community by joining community activities and sponsoring social and educational programs that foster the general welfare.

"To provide long-term, community-based
housing that is safe, dignified,
and tasteful."

Our History

Chip's House is all about community & dignity