August 12th, 2016 - Residents enjoy a good time outside during the Centerville Old Home Week performance by Cape Cod African Drum & Dance at Chips House.


Chip's House hosted its own events in celebration of the 112th Centerville Old Home Week. 

A variety of activities were held during this historical event, including acappella concerts, historical talks, auctions, meetings, a race, lobster roll dinner, yard sales, band concerts, and a bonfire under the stars at Craigville Beach.  It all happened this year on the week of August 7th-14th. 

Chips House was proud to take part in the festivities by attending many of these activities and even hosting its own events: An outdoors Art Show featuring local art by Chips House residents and an evening of music featuring the Cape Cod African Dance and Drum

The Celebration of Centerville Old Home Week was first celebrated throughout Centerville during the week of August 6 - 13, 1904. On August of that year the welcome given by John Cornish to villager and visitor alike is as true today as it was then.

He said to all during the opening event: “Welcome to this dear home by the sea, lake, and forest amid which it nestles like a gem in a galaxy of Nature’s jewels. Welcome to these festivities; welcome to these hallowed scenes of your childhood, and their charms and traditions.” 

The Old Home Week Celebration was revived in 1994. Since then, Centerville residents, friends, and visitors from near and far have participated in a variety of activities each year closely resembling the activities of the original event.