About Us

About Us

In just one instant, the life of an active person can be dramatically changed by a traumatic brain injury.  In the blink of an eye, the beat of a heart, the squeal of a tire or even the errant flight of an object, things can change forever.  The choices were few on Cape Cod for the head-injured.  Now, there is CHIP’s House, where hope, courage, and love abide.  Here, residents can maximize their functional potential and achieve the highest level of independence, thus greatly improving their quality of life.

Our History

The Gorham F. Crosby House, built in the 1850's at 9 Park Avenue in the center of Centerville, was deeded to CHIP, Inc. in 1992. Major renovations were made possible by a grant from the Massachusetts Executive Offices of Communities and Development Housing Support Program and the gifts and contributions of many caring public-spirited groups and individuals. This effort made it possible for us to achieve our goal of providing community-based housing for the head injured. 

Chip's House enables the dreams of nine individuals to be fulfilled. They leave behind an institutional lifestyle and rejoin a world and community they care about and love.  

The effort to establish this residence received the support of the community as a whole and the specific endorsement of the Barnstable Housing Authority, Massachusetts State Head Injury Program, Barnstable Town Council, the Centerville Civic Association, and the Barnstable Historic Commission. Through the efforts of these and many others we now have a community based housing program to serve individuals with severe closed-head injury or other disability. 

At CHIP's House, they have "a home of their own".  

On December 29, 1994 the residents moved in, all wheelchair-dependent; leaving behind an institutional environment among the frail elderly and the terminally ill. Instantly life has become better - richer, fuller and more normal for those residents. 

The success of Nine Park Avenue soon became well known and has produced local interest in creating a caring and supportive home for other similarly challenged individuals. Since placement at Chip's House is for one's lifetime, we had little or no turnover, and as result no vacancies. How could we help others who were knocking at our door? This brought about what has been described as our most major accomplishment, the purchase and renovation of Chip's House II at 23 Park Avenue next door to Chip's House I. It was dedicated and opened in June 2002. Currently this residence along with Chip's House I is able to  serve 21 head injured and seriously disabled individuals in.

Here all have the opportunity to maximize their mental, physical and social potential in a community that they care about and love. Chip's House continues to provide dignified, safe, affordable, and appropriate living conditions for its residents in its unique home atmosphere. The dedication and commitment of staff, families and volunteers, residents of Chip's House experience a multitude of positive experiences at home and in the community.